August 22, 2016




A common symptom of service often experienced by even those ex-service members not diagnosed with another mental health condition is insomnia, or restless sleep. Interestingly, it is said that 1 hour floating can give the equivalent rest of 4 hours sleep. Floatation Therapy or restricted environmental stimulation therapy is a concept that came about in the nineteen fifties by Dr John C Lilly who was studying brain waves and altered states of consciousness. A float tank is like an enclosed bathtub specially designed to block out light, sound and any other external stimulation. Filled with about thirty centimetres of water that has been super-saturated with epsom salts and heated to skin temperature, the tank allows you the ability to float effortlessly on the water, similar to the dead sea. The sensation of floating in mid air is brought about by the water and air inside the tank being the same as your body, meaning once you get in and settled it is almost impossible to tell what is in the water and what isn’t.