Melbourne UIC Medical Cannabis Symposium


Brooke, Bek & Damon attended the 2017 United in Compassion Medical Cannabis Symposium in Melbourne and met many of the world’s leading specialists, clinical doctors and researchers in the field. We were in the best company sharing the PTSD panel with Professor Sue Sisley who is leading the MAPS Marijuana for U.S Veterans with PTSD controlled trial.

The Dept of Veterans’ Affairs also attended on the invitation of United in Compassion. Thank you Lucy Haslam and crew for your support. We encourage everyone to talk to their Doctors and their local and federal politicians and Ex Service Organisations about the need for meaningful access to support the large medical cannabis population, many with terminal and chronic conditions.

We also encourage veterans to contact DVA and ask them to cover the cost of treatment for approved veterans. We hope DVA can value cannabis for the positive and compassionate avenue it provides in the arsenal of treatment required to manage complex service trauma and injury with minimal harm.

We heard innovative and inspiring science and speakers like Dr Greg Gerdeman, Dr Jeffrey Hergenrather, Assistant Professor Dedi Meiri, Dr Michelle Sexton, and a panel of informed and engaging speakers. We will post links to the content as it becomes available on the UIC website.

The need for doctor education continues and despite having a lot of available information about the safety of these compounds, we still need more research on dosing and ratios in some instances, and more information about the endo-cannabinoid system (the ECS). The science is new and developing and there is still a lot to learn.

We followed up Melbourne with a visit to Sydney to join Professor Sisley on a tour of the Lambert Facility of the Sydney University. It was amazing to see a cannabis research laboratory in action and talk about how we could enhance the current study in the U.S and encourage similar efforts here. We watched isolating and purifying of cannabinoids (and other neat tricks) and discussed the contentious topic of raw flower vs isolate compounds.

It’s clear we need to work together to deconstruct the bias and stigma that encourages the judgement around cannabis and ‘drug’ use. People who use it medically often find that it is the only medicine that actually works…


– attended the first Australian medicinal cannabis course taught by Dr David Caldicott.
– met with Prof David Forbes from Phoenix Australia to address their stance on medicinal cannabis.
– discussed with Senator Richard Di Natale the difficulties of veteran access.
– attended Dr Sue Sisley’s presentation about her research collaboration involving veterans with PTSD (you’ll be happy to know Doc Sue is all about THC and smoking!)
– took part in an all-female panel on recognising & responding to our frontline heroes with Dr Sue.


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