Float Conference 2016

Wow! What an incredible honour it was to share our story on an International level. A huge Thank You must go to everyone who worked tirelessly to make the 2016 Float Conference such a wonderful experience!!

Something that I’ve come to realise since leaving the Military is that one of my driving forces in life is Service To Others. You could say it’s my purpose. It gets me out of bed each morning. It’s what motivated me to start Weeded Warrior, to share my experiences and talk openly about what I’ve found to be helpful.
It is my intention that someone else may hear something that resonates with them and in turn, assist them in regaining their Quality of Life again.

Trauma and service-induced stress affects people in many different ways. I’m not saying what I did will work for everyone. I invite you to consider that if the treatment the doctors are prescribing isn’t working for you, do not be afraid to try something else for yourself.

It’s your life, take control of it. You are worth it!

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