August 20, 2016


Damon-BioDamon Adams joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1995 at the age of 17 and spent just over a decade deployed to both ship and shore establishments as an Intelligence Operator, including to the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom following the World Trade Centre attacks.

After being posted to South Australia he discharged at his own request to pursue a relationship. He was married in 2007, and joined the South Australia Police, working in Adelaide’s Northern suburbs.

Whilst employed as a Police Officer, Damon suffered a serious knee injury, requiring surgery.  As part of Damon’s rehabilitation he was prescribed opiates (long term) to manage his chronic pain.  As a result of the debilitating side effects he suffered from the opiates he was motivated to research alternative means to treat his pain.  It was at this time Damon was introduced to medical cannabis.  The friend who introduced Damon to medical cannabis was successfully using it to treat the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Damon was profoundly affected through the use of cannabis and no longer depended on the prescribed opiates.  He was free of the debilitating and sometimes deadly side effects of the prescribed and legal medication and has since achieved a quality of life he once believed to be unattainable with the use of legally prescribed medication.

At the conclusion of Damon’s policing career he became a full time student again, studying drugs and alcohol.  He joined Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) Australia, becoming the Vice President. In 2013 Damon was endorsed as a Senate candidate for the Drug Law Reform Australia Party in South Australia. Damon’s education continues and he is now in his third year studying for his Bachelor of Education degree at University South Australia, with science and health minors.

He resides in Adelaide with his wife Lauren, three children, one dog, and pursues his passions of the outdoors, being a family man, and educating others.