August 20, 2016


Brooke isBrooke-Bio1 a former member of the Royal Australian Navy, she also has had experience within the intelligence and law enforcement agencies. During her military career Brooke was deployed as linguist onboard a number of Australian warships and operations, including active service during the initial assault on Iraq in March 2003.

Post service Brooke was treated for over 10 years with standard prescription medication to manage treatment-resistant PTSD, and chronic pain. A blood test clarified Brooke’s negative experience of pharmaceuticals by identifying an incapacity to metabolise many common prescription drugs.

This knowledge encouraged Brooke to apply an individual approach to managing chronic symptoms, naturally, mindfully and responsibly. She has a thorough appreciation of the risks and complications involved with mind-altering, addictive and toxic medications provided via prescription. Brooke turned to natural alternatives and began to learn about cannabis science and medicine.

 Brooke enjoys discussing cannabinoid science and nutrition and continues to explore the biological, psychological, social and immunological factors influencing pain and illness. Brooke wants to use her experience to support other veterans to achieve the best outcomes they can.