August 8, 2016


Bek_1As a partner and caregiver of an Australian Army Combat Veteran, Rebecca knows intimately the impact of service-induced stress and the ripple effect of trauma on partners and families.

Bek was left unimpressed by the pharmaceutical-based treatment and exposure therapy for trauma and chronic pain which rendered her partner Michael cognitively numb, suicidal, and with little quality of life. Bek devoted herself to finding safe, natural and effective treatment options to helped manage his condition– a journey which has seen them both sitting down with some of the world’s leading experts in alternative approaches to Traumatic Stress.

Leading by example, Bek was determined to create her own ‘positive’ ripple effect at home by overhauling their old lifestyle and incorporating daily mind-body- spirit practices. Being the primary support person for Michael has presented its own challenges for Bek, leading her to recognise the necessity of maintaining her own health and wellness by using the same treatment modalities.