August 2, 2016

About us


Hi, welcome to Weeded Warrior.

Weeded Warrior is a place for those with service-related trauma and their families to discover safe & healthy treatment modalities to treat and deal with the challenges associated with trauma related mental illness. We also welcome families of current serving personnel to learn how best to support your loved one during difficult times. Weeded Warrior was created by a former Australian Infantry Soldier and his partner after their experience with Defence-endorsed conventional treatments left them feeling helpless and more traumatised as they navigated “the system”. After years of dedicated, self-funded research, including a U.S. trip to meet world leading doctors, professors, field researchers and practitioners, their expert knowledge in Integrative Post Traumatic Stress Treatment has made them strong and passionate advocates for research into new  approaches to PTSD, as they continue to encourage change in the medical and political arena.


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    • Hi Kristy,
      Thank you for your question. You are most certainly welcome to sign up to our members mailing list to stay up-to-date with the latest progress and research in the medicinal cannabis movement world wide. Our content is from Veterans and a spouse, directed to other ex-service personnel looking for alternative options to manage their service induced injuries. In saying that, I’m sure the majority of information would be relatable to non-service members of the broader community. I’m sure you will find some information either on this website or our Facebook page that will help give you other ways to manage your PTSD symptoms.

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